Dec 25, 2007

What? No Sellwood Bridge Earmarks? Shame!

So much for spending money on bridge replacement/maintenance nationwide! Politicians can talk all they want about preventing bridge disasters. The Minnesota bridge collapse (watch it fall down in the video below) is the example usually thrown in taxpayers faces. This latest pork shows they don't walk the walk.

As long as Oregon's congressional delegation continues to pour $$$ millions of light rail money into Tri-Met's coffers while ignoring our pleas for road and bridge maintenance money, Oregon's taxpayers should say "thanks, but no thanks" to higher local gas taxes, local vehicle registration fees, or road user fees tacked onto utility bills.

Oregon senators announce ‘gifts’

Local and regional politicians are telling us, "You have to pay more gas taxes! You have to pay more road taxes! You have to pay a higher vehicle registration fee!" Meanwhile, our U.S. Senators and Congressfolks have indicated by their actions-" Our PORK is more important to us than your PAIN!"

Those federal tax dollars are our money. We paid them. We don't need more light rail if our bridges are about to collapse and our roads are crumbling beneath us!

Make the Feds cough up some of our federal tax dollars to pay for bridge replacement FIRST. Congress should reject any Tri-Met requests for more light rail "pork" until our road and bridge system maintenance is adequately funded. Then, and only then, should Oregon's voters consider coughing up any extra local tax dollars.

Lets stop this taxpayer two-step.

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