Jan 7, 2008

Hillary Cries, So You Switch To Her From Obama?

From ABC News: "Clinton Gets Emotional On Campaign Trail". Watch her get all verklempt below:
". . .it's tough when the easiest food is pizza. . ." She loses a a puny caucus and and is behind in New Hampshire, and she cracks? Great Ed Muskie's ghost! (12:52pm update: John Edwards tells Hillary "Don't Be A Crybaby")

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Frank said...

If her cry was not a fake, then my conclusion would be that she doesn't have the stomach to be Commander-in-Chief. It’s just ordinary campaign and she couldn’t endure a little down-trend; I wonder what she’ll do if confronted with a crisis or terrorist attack.

No wonder she doesn’t want to talk to any of our enemies in her first year in office. She needed more time to be seasoned to be commander-in-chief.

She'll cry before Chavez, Castro, etc., if confronted with a difficult situation or when they said a mean thing to her like Chavez insulted GWB at the UN.

Hillary is a wonderful New York Senator and should hurry back to her senatorial job.

I sympathize with her though, having all these 35 years experience and not having a chance to rule the kingdom for another 8 years, afterall it's her turn. We owe the White House to Hill for sticking with Bill during the impeachment saga.

Oh, “I have so many ideas for this country, I just don’t want to see us fall backwards,” she said

Well, when the American people dogged into Hillary’s bag of ideas, all they found were:
• Hillary Authorized GWB to invade Iraq;
• Hillary has also given GWB a pass to invade Iran anytime Dick Cheney wishes;
• She’s the inevitable candidate;
• She copied John Edwards Health Care Plan;
• She doesn’t know how to enforce her version of Edwards plan’s MANDATE to achieve universal coverage;
• She doesn’t know whether illegal should be given driver’s license or not;
• She doesn’t have a clue that very soon no money would be left in the Social Security Trust Fund;
• She doesn’t trust herself capable of confronting our enemies in a negotiation;
• She ask Bill to give us NAFTA;
• She champions the cause of the lobbyists telling us that they are well meaning Americans.;
• And she couldn’t answer a simple question but instead planted questions.