Feb 20, 2008

Ashland Ok's $305k For Solar Panel Speculation

From the Ashland Daily Tidings:
"Hoping that residents will pay to support their environmental principles, the city of Ashland is moving forward on a new solar project that will have a net cost of $305,000. On Tuesday night, the Ashland City Council voted 4-2 to launch the project. Residents can voluntarily invest in the project by paying $825 for one of 363 solar panels that will be installed by Eugene-based Advanced Energy Systems on a city building on North Mountain Avenue. The solar system will generate enough electricity to power about 12 homes, representatives from the company said."

"But in the worst case scenario, if no one invests in a panel, everyone's electric bill will have to rise at a rate of 21 cents per month for a $100 bill to cover the project's cost. . ."

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