Feb 22, 2008

City of Troutdale: 82% Positive Performance Rating

In a new survey of Troutdale residents, 82% of survey respondents gave Troutdale a positive performance rating (excellent 20%, pretty good 62%). The Nelson Report, the public opinion research firm that conducted the survey for the City of Troutdale, said this high performance rating ranked in the top two percent of all city performance ratings conducted by the Nelson Report.

A total of 353 respondents were interviewed between February 2 and February 8, 2008.

Crime was listed by survey respondents as the most serious problem facing the City of Troutdale today. Here's the breakdown of other issues rated as "serious" :

Crime 17%
Traffic Control Issues 14%
No Concerns 11%
Gangs 11%
Population Growth 11%
Need More Police Officers 10%
School System 8%

There are other survey results regarding survey respondent's opinions about a potential police station bond measure. I'll post the highlights of these results after I've had a chance to read all the results in more detail.

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