Feb 16, 2008

Fainting Obamas, Shrill Hillary, Or "Conservative" McCain

I'm getting a kick out of the fainting Obama fans. Are they real or fake? Either way, kind of scary, huh? (Disclaimer: my sister once fainted at a Monkees concert, but she was, what, 10 years old.) I'm also getting a touch in the funny bone from Hillary's claim that Obama lacks "substance". Because we all know that Hillary's legislative record is full of accomplishments, and her health care plan from 1993 was a total success.

But I get those can't stop breathing, it hurts so much because I'm laughing so hard guffaws from John McCain's claims of his conservatism.

I'm getting nostalgic for the old days of "pick the least harmful candidate". Remember Nixon v. McGovern? Nixon v. Kennedy? Carter v. Ford? Clinton v. Bush I? Quisp v. Quake? Dallas v. Dynasty? Joe Montana v. John Elway? Mary Ann v. Ginger? "Lost In Space" v. "Land Of The Giants"? The Jackson 5 v. The Osmonds? Ford v. Chevy? Light rail v. the Mt. Hood Freeway? Jay Leno v. Dave Letterman? Skippy v. Jiffy?

Politics, TV shows, cereal, cars. Look at all the claims of superiority. It's like they say in Texas. "The bigger the belt buckle, the smaller the ranch."

Words to vote by.

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