Apr 9, 2008

New Blog Features

My left sidebar now includes links to many City of Troutdale documents: city council agendas, the latest adopted budget, Troutdale's zoning map, our municipal code, and a history of Troutdale. These links come directly from the City of Troutdale's own web site. But you can click for these documents here without having to poke around on the city's site just to find them in the first place.

I removed the "Regional News" ticker at the top of the blog and replaced it with a "Troutdale News" feature on the left sidebar.

I added larger and bolder subtitles for the various link categories in the left sidebar, making them a little easier to distinguish between categories.

I experimented with a photo background of the blog title, but I didn't like the one-size-fits-all photo formatting that the BLOGGER template plugs in. The picture is too large and the top blog entry can't be seen. Until I have time to manually reduce pictures to the proper pixel width and length, there won't be a picture underneath the title "Troutdale City Councilor Canfield".

However, if I were to have added a picture to the title, it would have been this one:

Last but certainly not least, I changed the blog title from "Troutdale Councilor Canfield" to "Troutdale City Councilor Canfield". Some folks thought this was a blog for a school counselor, or some sort of therapist. The new title clarifies things a bit with just one more word.

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