Apr 12, 2008

Warm Weather + Lawn = Corona

Yes, indeed. On a nice day like this, mowing the lawn means rewarding yourself with a nice tall bottle of Corona after you've finished mowing.. The lawn was a little tall in the saddle, thanks to all of that recent rain. But my handy B&D electric lawnmower made short work of the blades of grass timber.

The most tedious part of the mowing job today was the time it took to closely inspect the back yard grass for dog bones, dog toys, tennis balls, and big rocks (our dog George W. has a rock obsession). Another tricky part of mowing the lawn is keeping the lawn mower out of sight of our dog. He attacks lawn mowers the same way he attacks our vacuum cleaner. He won't hurt cats, mice, or other dogs, but he has a death wish for vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers.

Speaking of rewarding myself for mowing the lawn, it's time to get a frosted glass out of the freezer. . .

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