Apr 16, 2008

We Taxed, We Spent, What Else Is New?

Even when faced with a loss of over $1.2 million in building permit revenue over the next four years, the Troutdale budget committee couldn't see its way to make many significant reductions in its 2008-09 budget. After two hours of cutting what amounted to nickel and dime capital projects and material and services expenses, we passed a budget which does little to offset the massive loss of general fund revenue. It's amazing, isn't it, how easy it is to spend other people's money.

On a personal note, at the end of tonights's budget meeting, I couldn't resist pointing out to the budget committee that on most motions that came to a vote, the Mrs. and I voted on opposite sides of the issues. This was fun to bring to the committee's attention, because when the Mrs. applied to be appointed to Troutdale's budget committee two years ago, two city councilors who shall remain nameless were adamantly opposed to her appointment, claiming we would vote the same way all the time.

So much for the "Canfield" voting block, ladies and gentlemen.

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