Apr 24, 2008

We're Still Talking

Even though Fred Bruning told Troutdale last week that CenterCal was withdrawing from our urban renewal project selection process, the lines of communication are still open with Bruning. That's what Mayor Paul Thalhofer said to Troutdale's Urban Renewal Agency at Tuesday night's meeting. Thalhofer told us he had a long conversation with Bruning on Tuesday. (Read what the Mayor and Bruning talked about in Wednesday's Outlook.)

In the meantime, the Urban Renewal Agency unanimously agreed to direct staff to attempt to negotiate an extension of the city's option to purchase property through the Columbia Gorge Premium Outlet Mall. As I pointed out in a previous blog post, it's unlikely we will be able to sell the urban renewal property before the option to buy the right of way through the outlet mall expires. Getting an extension on the option would give us more time to find a developer for the project.

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