May 14, 2008

McMenamin's Edgefield Addresses Concert Noise, Safety Concerns

McMenamins Edgefield responded to most of their residential neighbor's concerns about loud concerts, bright lights, music content, and the frequency of Edgefield concerts with an agreement between the City of Troutdale and McMenamins. Last night, the City Council approved an agreement that provides for the following responsibilities:

The Troutdale Police Department will provide:
  • Traffic control
  • Coordinate staff for traffic control
  • Invoice McMenamins monthly for police services
  • Participate in any neighborhood meetings related to the McMenamins Edgefield concert series
  • Provide ODOT and neighboring cities with the traffic management plan
  • Post the traffic management and parking plan on the city's web site
Under the agreement, McMenamins will provide the following:

Door hangers to the affected communities listed in the agreement which will include the following information:
  • The concert schedule
  • The web site address for up to date concert information
  • Telephone numbers to contact McMenamins Edgefield during the concert
  • Approximate ending time of the concerts (9:30pm target, but no later than 10pm)
McMenamins will also provide:
  • A liaison contact to the police department during the concert series
  • Ensure that the Dbl limit will not exceed 87 at the Distillery Bar
  • Have no concerts at Blackberry Hall following the conclusion of the Summer Concert Series
  • Have no concerts during school nights from June to September, unless the following day is a holiday.
  • Ensure that Summer Concert Series Shows end at approximately 9:30pm, but not later than 10pm
  • Provide staff to attend to the parking lots
  • Provide staff to work with law enforcement ta the entrance/exit points
  • Ensure that there is no amplifies sound during the Summer Concert Series prior to 2pm.
  • Ensure that the lights in the parking lot will face north, and turned off at midnight
  • Provide a copy of the contract between the promoter and McMenamins as i pertains to the terms of the agreement
  • Hold a neighborhood meeting after the second concert
  • Reimburse the city for police services within 30 days of receiving an invoice
  • Reimburse any outside police agencies directly
  • ensure the maximum number of tickets for each concert will not exceed 5,000
Text of the complete agreement and the city staff report is available here.

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Jen O said...

Sure wish their concerts ended earlier. I live over in Wood Village and can't get to sleep with the noise tonight. Have to be up in 6 hours for work.