May 5, 2008

Pigs Fly: I Agree With Code Pink About Something!

Remember the pledge made by the Democrats in 2006? Remember Nancy Pelosi's promise to end the war in Iraq with her new Democrat majority? Pelosi lied. Soldiers died.

Democrat House leaders in Washington D.C. are putting the final touches on the largest spending bill for the Iraq war yet. Not only will this bill fund the Iraq war through the end of President Bush's term, it will fund the war another six months into the new President's term.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle,"The bill is expected to provide $108 billion that the White House has requested for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Lawmakers who are drafting it say it also will include a so-called bridge fund of $70 billion to give the new president several months of breathing room before having to ask Congress for more money."

The Democrats could cut off the funding spigot for the Iraq war now. But they won't. Because they are a bunch of hypocrites. The Democrats are piling all of the blame on President Bush for the continuation of the Iraq war, which is total baloney. The Democrats could stop the war immediately, but instead they're going to extend the war long enough to tie the new President' 's hands for six months!

Code Pink agrees with me. the Democrats are a bunch of lying hypocrites. According to the SF Chronicle,
"But anti-war activists say Democrats are being disingenuous by claiming to oppose the war while also preparing to give the president even more war funding than he requested."They are the biggest hypocrites in the world," said Medea Benjamin, the San Francisco-based founder of the anti-war group CodePink. "They want to paint the Republicans as warmongers and they want to keep funding the war, and they think we don't see through this?"

Democrats, don't give me your tired song and dance about President Bush. Democrats in Congress are out-doing him They promised to end the war. Pelosi lied. Soldiers died. Isn't that how the sloganeering comes from the left?

Don't get me wrong. I believe a sudden pullout of U.S. troops from Iraq would cause a genocide the likes of which the Middle East has never experienced. The U.S. has to stay in Iraq for the foreseeable future to prevent massive bloodshed and slaughter. But it's time to call out the Democrats on their hypocrisy. They're not going to end the war any time soon, either.

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