Aug 29, 2008

Sandy River Delta: Maya Lin Bird Blind

The Confluence Project's dedication of the Maya Lin birdblind at the Sandy River Delta was last Saturday, but I was unable to attend. So while Obama was giving his acceptance speech last night, I headed out to take a look at the new birdblind.

Although the view of the Columbia River is limited from the bird blind itself, there are great river views that can be seen just a few feet to the east of the bird blind.

Before I came out last night, I wasn't exactly sure where the bird blind was located. But after hiking to it, the location was very familiar. It's located at exactly the same spot where we've taken our dog down to the river many, many times over the years.

As a matter of fact, the very first time the Mrs. and I hiked here on a cold winter day, it was raining heavily. We walked to this very spot on the river, climbed down the steep embankment, and sat on a log protected from the rain by the overhanging branches. The river was virtually at our feet. It was quiet except for the large drops of rain that plopped on our rain gear. We sat in silence for a long time, enjoying the view of the river, the sound of the raindrops, and the smell of the wet ground around us.

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