Sep 6, 2008

Great Weekend: Maryhill Museum And Multnomah Falls Hike

Boston cream pie for a birthday cake. Breakfast at Charburger in Cascade Locks. The Andy Warhol exhibit at Maryhill Museum. Watching the Oregon Ducks pound the Washington Huskies. A hike to the top of Multnomah Falls and beyond. Yes, these were a few of my favorite experiences last weekend. My birthday was on Friday, but thanks to family and friends, the celebration lasted the entire weekend.

Sunday morning, the Mrs. and I hiked to the top of Multnomah Falls. I would NOT, repeat NOT suggest going anywhere near Multnomah Falls on Labor Day weekend. The crowds at the bottom of the falls were incredible. The bridge was so packed with people, you couldn't walk across it. People with dogs. People with strollers. Just stacks and stacks of people. We thought the crowds would disappear at the top of the falls. But NO. And the hike on the way up was a cross between a day care center and an outdoor doggie daycare.

You would not believe the number of incredibly hyper small children going up and down the trail. Where were the parents? We cringed as we continually saw little tykes from the ages of 4-8 or 9 years old dashing ahead of their parents, ignoring the "stay on the trail" signs, or just running without paying attention, too close to the edge of the trail and the steep drop-offs.

Don't even get me started on the people with dogs on that trail. A leashed dog takes up the entire trail, people. Especially when you have them on a ten foot lead. Whatever happened to dogs that walk slightly behind their humans? As a result of these long leash lengths, trail gridlock was constant.

Happily, the Mrs. and I headed east on the trail leading away from the top of the falls. The crowds and dogs vanished about 1/4 mile east. Here are a few pictures of the lush, quiet, and magical little canyon at the top of Multnomah Falls:

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