Dec 21, 2008

My Driveway Is Shovel-Ready

When we woke up this morning from our snow bunker (aka our humble Troutdale abode), the snow had stopped falling. But I got a surprise when I looked out the window- my Sunday Oregonian was on top of all the snow in the front yard! This was truly amazing, because we didn't get a newspaper delivered to our house for much of the week, when conditions were better than yesterday or today.

But the bad news this morning wasn't just in the newspaper- looking out of our living room window, I also saw our car in the driveway surrounded by 2+ foot high snowdrifts. And between the car and the street? More snow. 12 inches of snow. So after reading the paper and having some apple pancakes for breakfast (thanks, Mrs. C!), I headed out to begin the shovelling of snow. A mere 90 minutes later, the snow was cleared around the car. In a little while, I'll shovel the rest of our driveway off so we can get to the street, which is fortunately well sanded. Let's just hope the ice pellets that are falling right now don't get too much worse. At least the wind isn't blowing so much and it's a balmy 20 degrees!

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