Dec 23, 2008

Troutdale's Roads Still Treacherous

After 2 days of being buried in snow and ice, we took our car for a little drive around Troutdale this afternoon. Troutdale Rd. was packed snow and icy. Stark Street was in the same condition. 257th north from Stark St. was a mix of bare pavement and packed snow with ice. 257th was also filled with plenty of tailgating, speeding idiots. Sure, you can go 45 mph on ice. But try stopping! One idiot in a Range Rover was so close behind us that I couldn't see his headlights. I was travelling at a very prudent 30mph on the icy street. This is always the dangerous part of driving in the ice and snow.

It's not the ice and snow that are dangerous- it's the idiots who don't drive too fast, or tailgate, or take corners too fast and slide into oncoming traffic (we witnessed two of these close calls in a 30 minute time period this afternoon- one at 257th & Columbia River Hwy, and another at 257th & Cherry Park Rd.)

Slow down, people. Don't tailgate. Take it easy round those corners. Or stay home.

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