Dec 22, 2008

Tri-Met's Service Reductions Limit Troutdale Commute Options

How would you like to walk anywhere from 3/4 mile to 3+ miles through 2-3 foot snowdrifts catch a bus to work? That's what most Tri-Met riding Troutdale residents might be facing tomorrow morning if Tri-Met continues its reduced service levels. As of this afternoon/evening, Tri-Met is not running their 80, 81, or 77 buses. The only bus serving Troutdale now is the 20 Burnside/Stark Street bus which only goes as far as Mt. Hood Community College at 257th & Stark. And that's how bad conditions are here.

You can't blame Tri-Met for its decision to reduce services when faced with all the snow out here. But I feel bad for anyone without access to a 4WD vehicle. So nothing will be changing as far as work travel plans are concerned. A lot of people in Troutdale won't be going anywhere tomorrow.

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