Dec 22, 2008

"Special: Pumpkin Blizzard"

A pumpkin blizzard at the Troutdale Dairy Queen sounded good, but the place was closed! The Mrs. and I walked to the corner of Troutdale Road and Stark to see what the road conditions were like. Both Troutdale Road and Stark Street are packed snow but sanded. It's the side streets- 42nd, Sweetbriar Lane, SE Evans, etc. that are in poor condition. On those side streets, the story is the same at most driveways: snowdrifts and parked cars coated with snow and ice.

There are quite a few 4WD vehicles, ATV's, and even snowmobiles travelling the streets. Most traffic on Troutdale Rd. and Stark St. consisted of 4WD's and pickups. We saw very few passenger cars. Also on the streets are lots of people walking. They're just out for a stroll like us, or going to or from the store. Most businesses at Troutdale Rd & Stark Street were open, except for the Dairy Queen, although their sign promoted Pumpkin Blizzards.

We got the blizzard, that's for sure. But I'd rather have the Dairy Queen kind.
(FYI: current conditions: 6 inches of new snow overnight, 22 degrees F., wind chill 10 degrees F. wind 11 mph)

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