Mar 17, 2009

Things to do while you're suffering from writers block

Listen to the radio.

Have another bite of corned beef.

Have another sip of beer.

Exchange a funny quip or two with the Mrs.

High-Five the Mrs. for her fantastic corned beef.

Put an Oregon Ducks sweatshirt on the dog.

Thumb through a Toastmasters magazine.

Wonder what happened to your first car.

Read Sam's short story.

Remind yourself to fix that towel bar in the bathroom.

Stare at the laptop screen and wonder where the heck did all the pithy ideas go.

Walk the fine line between motivation and procrastination.

Cross your arms and look at your watch.

Sit up straight. Get serious. Let the fingers fly on the keyboard. That didn't last long.

Look at your watch again.

Listen to the Mrs. say, "What's this?"

Watch the Mrs. squint at me when I don't answer her.

Have another sip of beer.

Fool around with your cell phone.

Read some e-mails.

Wish it was springtime and you were taking pictures on Steens Mountain.

Visualize the Fish Lake campground on Steens Mountain, and remember a certain cold September night when you and the Mrs. sat in front of the campfire and were awed by the horizon to horizon blanket of stars.

Quit fooling around and write something, anything.

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