Oct 13, 2006

Kulongoski, Old Pal, I'm Not Feeling The Love!

The political sign wars are in full swing here in Troutdale. For city council candidates, based on their signage alone, I give the edge to Marianne Vier, Norm Thomas, Matt Wand, and Pat Smith.

For the District 49 House race, Karen Minnis has signs everywhere. Rob Brading? A distant second in sign placement. However, last week when I drove through Fairview on the way to a joint Troutdale/Wood Village/Gresham/Fairview meeting, I saw plenty of Rob Brading signs.

For Governor, there are quite a few Saxton signs. Quite a few. The first time I saw a Kulongoski sign was tonight. And just one. A single sign.

For direct mail to our home, we've received what seems like daily pieces from the Minnis camp. I wonder if I wrote her a check she'd get off my direct mail back. Just kidding, Karen, love ya. It seems like a waste of money, kind of like preaching to the choir. We also got a nifty full color poison fish themed piece from the Brading campaign. Lovely.

We've received (I'm pretty sure) about 2 pieces of direct mail per week from the Saxton campaign. Not ONE piece from the Kulongoski campaign, Ted, buddy, I'm not feeling the love!

We haven't received any direct mail pieces from Troutdale city council candidates. This surprises me. Several of these candidates are virtually unknown. Direct mail to around 4,000 registered voters isn't so much trouble. And time is running out!

The Mrs. has been going door to door this week for several candidates. I'll be joining her tomorrow. We have a lot of homes to cover with those doorknob hanging thing-a-ma-bob flyers.

Last night both of us helped a local candidate prepare thousands of door-to-door pieces. It wasn't too much trouble, three hours or so and we had great company. We heard the story of a particular Troutdale resident's obsession with Bob Barker from the Price is Right. She dreamed about good 'ol Bob Barker every night until her hubby insisted on getting her on the show.

Even more amazingly, this same resident had an encyclopedic knowledge of Metro regulations. It seems Metro told her they didn't have to buy her property for green space. They said they would just regulate it so much it could never be developed. Nice folks, those friendly people from Metro. The Bob Barker fan and I agreed that Metro's land use plans need to be spayed or neutered.

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John Eyler said...

There are "signs" that Kulongowski is being left to wither. Thr Oregonian supporting Saxton...unbelievable.