Oct 14, 2006

400 Troutdale Homes: Not ONE Kulongoski Sign

The Mrs. and I spent most of our day today going door to door for Karen Minnis, Ron Saxton, and a few Troutdale City Council candidates. If lawn signs are any indication, Kulongoski is in trouble with a capital T here in Troutdale. We didn't see a single Kulongoski sign today. Not one.

Of course, lawn signs aren't votes. But ZERO Kulongoski signs in an entire neighborhood of nearly 400 homes with 55% registered democrat voters cannot be interpreted by anyone as support for him.

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ellie said...

I don't think lack of signs is a sign.

Here's a related article from a southern Oregon source: http://www.mailtribune.com/archive/2006/1009/local/stories/lawnsigns.htm

Anonymous said...
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Jack said...

Since I can't post Anonymously, Here I am again...

I drove around SE Portland all weekend and didn't see a single Saxton sign.

So what is your point exactly?

That some neighborhoods are conservative and some neighborhoods are progressive seems pretty much a given to me...


Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

I would agree that neighborhoods differ in their political preference. Having said that, the total lack of Kulongoski signs in a neighborhood that's 55% registered democrats can't be considered a good sign.

Both Troutdale's precincts voted for democrat John Kerry in 2004. Yet they also passed Measure 36 and 37.

I think the lack of Kulongoski lawn signs indicates a lack of interest in grassroots campaigning for him. Who knows? Maybe all the democrat precinct committee folks are spending all their time with the Brading campaign.

What I know for sure is that lawn signs don't convert into votes, but they are a bellweather of grassroots activity.