Apr 2, 2009

Multnomah County Commission Approves Cherry Park Library Site

The vote was unanimous. Read the agenda item here.


Mavie said...

I hope the Multnomah County Library Facility in Troutdale will circulate this book:

Title: Library Facility Siting and Location Handbook. The Greenwood Library Management Collection.

Author: Koontz, Christine M.

Publication Date: 1997

Abstract: This handbook is a guide to the complex process of library faciliy siting and location. It includes relevant research and professional' siting experiences, as well as actual case studies of closures, opennings, mergers, and relocations of library facilities. While the bulk of the volume provides practical information, the work also presents an historical and thoretical context for siting decisions. Chapter 1 examines some of the issues that shape the location of library facilities, such as growth of electronic access to information and the debate over the library as a place. Chapter 2 offers a review of the spatial developments of the American Public Library and the history of Library Facility siting. Descriptive literature spanning over 100 years, presented chronologically, takes the reader through ten decades of the considerations and experiences of library managers regarding siting and location strategy for library facility. Chapter 3 reviews research on library location and chapter 4 discusses statistical modeling for library location. Chapter 5 provides a sample of library location model for diverse statistical modelling for diverse urban environments. Chapter 6 examines the value of geographic information system software in library siting decisions. This chapter illustrates the importance of collecting specific library statistics and their utility for market analysis and location of familities. Chapter 7 provides a discussion of location strategy for public library of the future.

I think that their should have been a member of the Troutdale Planning Commission appointed to the Siting Commitee. I also think that there should have been limits and deadlines associated with the library siting process.

Diane McKeel is consitent in her decision to support the Cherry Park site; she takes a strong business approach. She also knows a bit about how long it takes to get new plans through the planning process in Troutdale.

The book I mention above would normally cost about $78.00 through amazon, but check your local library first!

Thank you.

Marianne Vier

Mavie said...

Rob, I sent you a comment about the library. Since this is my first post on your blog.... Did you receive it?



Troutdale Canfield said...

Yes, your comments were received and appreciated!