May 30, 2009

A Good Evening For Heron Watching

While going for a walk along Beaver Creek last night at about 8pm, we turned a corner and right in front of us, no more than 30 feet away, stood a blue heron in the middle of the creek. We were shielded by a tree branch and leaves, and both of us froze the second we spotted the heron. We were able to watch the heron poke around in the creek for over 15 minutes. When it stood still, it looked just like a piece of wood sticking up from the creek. If we didn't know it was there, we never would have seen it. When the heron finally spotted us, it turned and lifted off silently, flying upstream away from us. Its huge wingspan barely cleared the foliage on the sides of the creek. To be so close to such a beautiful creature for so long was a great experience. I just wish I had brought a camera.

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