Aug 3, 2009

Meeting Disrupters: Disgusting Scum From Any Angle

From Blue Oregon:
"Merkley hits the trifecta at Madras town hall: Teabaggers, Birthers and Deathers." Merkley supporters were upset when Merkley's town hall meeting in Madras was "infiltrated" by "teabaggers" who disrupted the meeting.

Personally, I think it is disgusting and disrespectful for anyone- left, right, or middle of the road- to interrupt a meeting with the intent of disrupting the speaker. Free speech needs to be respected by all. This includes codepinkers and "teabaggers ". If you attempt to censor, shout down, interrupt or otherwise disrupt someone at a meeting or town hall because you disagree with what they're saying, you're scum in my book.

Let's take a look at a sampling of meeting disruptions via Google:

"Half of the audience of 300 came not to listen, question or debate, but to disrupt.

The mob scene was coordinated by the International Socialist Organization (a group found only on college campuses and in the Obama administration), the Pride Alliance, the Coalition Against Hate and the Campus Anti-War Network. Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade and the Committee for Justice for Sacco and Vanzetti were conspicuous by their absence.

Not more than 20 seconds into my address, the catcalls and heckling began. A group of young scholars turned their backs on me – a potent argument to their way of thinking. I felt like I’d stepped into Mr. Peabody’s Wayback machine and been transported to my student days at Boston University, circa 1969.

The honorary citizens of Crete unfurled banners, waved signs, chanted slogans, shouted insults and taunts, jeered, laughed derisively and generally demonstrated the self-control of toddlers with Tourette syndrome.

"Outside Group Stifles Horowitz Speech"

Conservative commentator David Horowitz was forced to cut short his speech on “Islamo-Fascism” in the face of repeated interruptions, heckling and catcalls from some audience members in a packed lecture room in White Hall on Wednesday.

"Speech Interrupted":

"David Horowitz was hit in the face with a pie Wednesday during a speech at Butler University. The attack was the third incident in the last 10 days in which a conservative speaker has been doused with food while trying to speak on a Midwestern campus.

William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard, was hit in the face with a pie during a speech at Earlham College and Pat Buchanan, the former presidential candidate, had salad dressing thrown on him at Western Michigan University."

"Pro-life speaker shouted down at St. Francis Xavier University"

"Last Thursday, Jojo Ruba, co-founder of the Calgary-based Canadian Centre
for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR), gave a controversial speech about abortion
titled, “Echoes of the Holocaust,” at St. Mary’s University in Halifax. A
minute into his talk, a group of angry protestors chanted repeatedly,
constantly interrupting the presentation, until a university official shut
the talk down. Ruba was hosted by pro-life students from the school.
Footage of the disruption that lasted more than 45 minutes can be seen in
a series of clips on Youtube."

"UNC Liberals: No Free Speech Here"
Protesters interrupted his speech, stretching out a banner in front of him that read, “No one is illegal.” Tancredo grabbed the banner and confronted one of the people holding it.

Then there was the sound of glass shattering. A window was broken by more opponents outside. As the situation escalated, Tancredo left. "

"R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Ashcroft"

'At about 8 P.M. the protesters stood up with their backs to the stage. These protesters were preventing people from seeing Mr. Ashcroft, even though audience members had taken the effort to get tickets and wait in line."

Want more examples of this scummy behavior? click here. Shame on all of the idiots who engage in this stupidity.

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