Aug 1, 2009

That's What Weekends Are For, Right?

This morning, the Mrs. and I volunteered to help out at Troutdale's Wheels and Wings event. Tana helped the classic cars into their appropriate spaces while I directed traffic in the parking lot. Of course, you need skill to direct traffic. You point your arm in a dramatic motion toward the big grassy field.

We were smart enough to grab the morning shift , 7am to 9am. We knew it was going to get warmer and nothing says misery like standing out in a grassy field in the middle of a hot day. After our volunteer shifts were over, we headed home and ate breakfast, played with the dog, and drank lots of cold liquids. We went back to the Wheels and Wings event at around 1pm but we didn't stay long.

There were very few aircraft for the "wings" portion of the event. The event's web page claimed "more than 40 aircraft on display" I don't think you can count the planes that are always parked at the airport as part of a fly-in display. But everyone was having a good time, the food vendors seemed busy, and there were still loads of classic cars to ogle.

The aircraft turnout was much better two years ago. Check out the aircraft and classic car photos I took of the 2007 wheels and wings event here and here.

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