Oct 12, 2009

Troutdale Mayor's Expenses Questioned

Artwork from Columbia River Gallery. Painting supplies. Moulding. Stain. Thermal lamination. Wallpaper. Meals at the Black Rabbit Restaurant, Marie Callender's, and Bumpers Bar and Grill. These items are among nearly $1,000 in expenses paid by the City of Troutdale to Mayor Jim Kight Since September, 2008 in addition to the Mayor's $500 monthly stipend. The Troutdale City Council will be discussing these expenses tomorrow night at a work session.

Troutdale's City Council rules (see below) are very specific about reimbursable expenses for the Mayor and City Council. Last time I checked, those reimbursable expenses did not include remodeling and painting supplies, artwork, or meal reimbursement(except for meals at conferences, conventions, or meetings of local and regional organizations). Mayor Kight's request for reimbursement of these expenses is additionally questionable because he is also paid a $500 per month stipend to defray the costs that come with the job of Mayor.  Maybe there's a reasonable explanation, but this looks like unauthorized double dipping to me.

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