Jul 30, 2010

DEQ testing versus Dairy Queen. What's the Difference?

We did the DEQ/ vehicle registration renewal thing this afternoon. Excuse me, but why haven't we already privatized this vehicle emissions  testing? The kid just plugged the cord into our car's computer system and printed out the results. Just like the kid does at Dairy Queen when you order your swirl cone. Oh, yeah, the DEQ kid could operate a debit card machine just like the kids at Dairy Queen. No skill required.   $21 is too much to pay for such a simple task.

One guy sits on a stool at the DEQ entrance. We couldn't determine what his value-added was. The other guy inside the testing area just does his Dairy Queen thing- I don't see any value added there that should cost $21 per vehicle.  Except for their state employee wages+PERS, plus the overhead for the building and facilities. Private auto service departments could do this while you got your oil changed or other work for a FRACTION of the cost. Our state can no longer afford this  government make-work program.

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Randy Durand said...

I agree with you about the operators. I had a similar experience out at the Sherwood DEQ. Two people to perform 3 minutes work. What shocked me most was their appearance. When I pulled in the female attendant in the bay seriously looked like a drug addict standing in an alley!

My personal opinion is that either any car made after 1985 should be exempt from DEQ or that DEQ is a total waste and should be completely eliminated.

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