Feb 13, 2012

Metro to Troutdale: DO WHAT WE SAY, OR ELSE!

Those were Troutdale City Councilor Rich Allen's sentiments in his comment on the OPB web site story "Metro and Troutdale Battle Over Environmental Standards".   

Here is Allen's complete comment:

"It's an outrage. We were merely asking Metro for help identifying where our code was lacking, and they went into enforcement actions instead. I feel like I asked for help and I got the back of the hand. Teaches me for thinking Metro was a partner in the common goal of protecting the environment. It's do exactly what they say without question or else." -Councilor Rich Allen of Troutdale
A beaver in Troutdale's Beaver Creek says, "Metro? We don't need no stinkin' Metro!"
The OPB story quoted  Metro chief operating officer Martha Bennett, who laid out Metro's take it or leave it stance:

"Metro chief operating officer Martha Bennett says Metro could force Troutdale city councilors to accept a planning ordinance they recently rejected. Or Metro councilors could hit Troutdale's wallet. Bennett explains, "They can withhold funds that Metro distributes to local juridictions. Or they can ask the state of Oregon to find Troutdale out of compliance with Oregon land-use planning goals – and if that happens, the city would lose cigarette tax revenue, liquor tax revenue, and gas tax revenue."

Shame on you, Martha Bennett. Have you ever bothered to read Troutdale's Development Code for yourself? Have you ever visited Troutdale? Have you ever bothered to talk to anyone from Troutdale? Have you ever walked along Beaver Creek or the Sandy River and viewed the plentiful wildlife- fish, beavers, great herons, skunks, deer, even the occasional cougar??

I didn't think so.


Ten Mile Island said...

The back of the hand is correction. The front of the hand is abuse.

ron w said...

is it possible to opt out of metro ?