Aug 1, 2015

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, Troutdale Canfield Blog!

I missed the date. June 22, 2005. I wrote my first blog post on that date.  It's the tenth anniversary (or birthday, or whatever you want to call it) of this blog, "Troutdale Canfield".  It was originally called "Troutdale City Councilor Canfield" because I intended it to be commentary about the goings-on of my work on the city council.

At today's count of 895 posts and 98,047 page views, it's amazing I had the time to write so much back in the day, sometimes multiple posts in a day.  I knew my little blog hit the big time when Lars Larson mentioned one of my posts on his radio show (I think it was early 2006). A friend of mine called me at work to let me know Lars was talking about my blog. I instantly went online to check my stats. That mere mention on the radio boosted my page views from single digits into the thousands that on that day.

Unfortunately, that spike was the high point.  After that, daily page views varied from 50-400 per day until 2009 because I posted less content after I left the Troutdale City Council. These days, I get 1-10 page views per day unless I write a new blog post.

Nowadays, I have switched my time and energy from writing on the internets. I currently host and produce a cable access talk show at Metro East Community Media called "East County Now" If you'd like to check it out, you can find more information on

Here's a link to our latest episode:


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