Oct 7, 2006

Troutdale Exceeds Metro's Allocated Capacity

Troutdale has already exceeded Metro's Functional Plan Dwelling Unit(DU) Capacity for 1994-2017.

Title 1 (Chapter 3.07.170)of Metro's Functional Plan requirements were adopted in 1997. City and county dwelling unit capacities were adopted as part of Title 1. Each city and county were then required to adopt a minimum dwelling unit density for each zoning district in which dwelling units are allowed.

Troutdale's Metro Title 1 housing capacity figure is 3,260 dwellings, which represents the number of new dwelling units Troutdale must accommodate between 2004 and 2017.

There were 3,508 total dwelling units constructed in Troutdale between 9/1/94 and 6/30/2006. Which means Troutdale has 248 dwelling units in excess of our allocated capacity of 3,260.

But the news gets worse. Troutdale's remaining dwelling unit capacity for vacant residential lots, infill residential, mixed-use zones, and accessory dwellings is 1,290.

Add that to our existing 248 dwelling units in excess of capacity, and you get 1,538 total existing and potential units in excess of Metro's Title 1 required allocation.

Keep in mind also that according to Oregon Administrative Rules, Troutdale must provide "the opportunity for at least 50 percent of new residential units to be attached single family housing or multiple family housing or justify an alternative percentage based on changing circumstances." OAR 660-007-0030

In addition to the 50% attached single family housing (rowhouses) or multiple family housing (apartments) requirement, Troutdale "must provide for an overall average density of eight or more dwelling units per net buildable acre." OAR 660-007-0035

What a mess. I'd say it's time to say enough is enough. Most Troutdale residents agree.

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