Nov 2, 2006

Executive Session Blues

Last night's Troutdale City Council Executive Session was the most discouraging night of all City Council meetings I have ever attended.

You should have been there. Except there's no way you could have been there. Because it was an Executive Session. And there's no way I can tell you what was discussed because it was an Executive Session.

But I can say this: There's right, and there's wrong. And I'm never discouraged when I feel the city council is doing the right thing. I'm not only discouraged, I'm disgusted.

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Anonymous said...

Well, you can cite the general reason (as in, the general reasons for the law says such a session can be had) the executive session was called, since that's what they publish in the pre-announcement that there will be an executive session. Presuming they do that like they're supposed to. ;)