Aug 29, 2005

What about an express bus from Troutdale to downtown PDX?

(SEPTEMBER 9 UPDATE- click here)

I spent the last month or so poring over Troutdale's Transportation Plan (which we passed without a road through Sunrise Park or widening Buxton Road to three lanes). I'm glad we have the updated plan behind us.

Before the August 23rd meeting, Troutdale Councilor Chris Gorsek handed out a couple pages of commentary on Troutdale's bus service. I'll try to get a copy posted onto the blog. Anyway, Chris pointed out that Troutdale has lousy bus service compared to the other smaller cities in the region.

One of the reasons for this is because Tri-Met wants to shoo everyone over to light rail via feeder lines to the Gresham Transit center. If you've ever spent the time taking the Number 80 or 81 bus to the transit center, then wait for MAX, then sit on the train for another 45 minutes or so, you've spent 90 minutes one way getting to downtown Portland. That's THREE hours round trip!

Compare those three hours with the average 20 to 30 minutes, or a ONE hour rush hour round trip it takes to drive down to I-84 and shoot downtown and back to Troutdale in the comfort of your own vehicle. This is why people don't like mass transit!

But what if Tri-Met started an express bus from Troutdale that took I-84 to downtown Portland without stopping? You could ride the bus, save on gas, help the environment etc, and still get downtown and back in less than two hours, as opposed to three or more hours with a feeder bus and MAX.

I'm going to talk to my fellow city councilors about this. I realize Tri-Met has said NO WAY to this idea before, but it makes so much sense it doesn't hurt to keep trying.


Samuel John Klein said...

Judging by reading your 'blog, there are some things that we don't see eye to eye on, but I definitely think that there is some common ground between us when we come to transit, especially to underserved areas like Troutdale.

I seem to remember a line called the 91-MKC Flyer that existed some years ago. It's doable and your idea makes a tremendous amount of sense.

I also enjoy your plain writing style and matter of fact explanation of why you do what you do.

For that reason, I've linked to you. Rock on!.

Sam Klein
The ZehnKatzen Times

Troutdale Canfield said...

Thank for your honesty. I don't expect people to agree with me. What would be the fun in that?

I respect the opinions of people who disagree with me as long as they can make a good rational case for their opinion.

I've always believed that if my own opinions can't stand up to opposing points of others, maybe I should re-think my opinions. It's why I don't take it personally when people disagree with me.

By the way, I checked out, and anyone whose favorite music includes Electric Light Orchestra rates A-1 in my book. . .

Samuel John Klein said...

Very kind of you to say.

I shall follow your governmental adventures with vicarious interest.

And your taste in music isn't too shabby, for what that's worth. B-)