Aug 30, 2005

New blog web address:

I've changed the web address of my blog to

Since the comments I post on the blog are my opinions only, I thought that having a web address that included my name and not named "Troutdale" would be a better way to identify the site.

I encourage you to post comments, positive or negative, about the issues I'm writing about. It's the reason for this blog- a two way communication with folks in Troutdale.

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Anonymous said...

I quite agree with your positive comments about the Riverview restaurant. It's a lovely restaurant with excellent Eurasian dining selections. The service was first class. Our houseguests have also returned from dining there with very good comments. My only thoughts are that it would be nice if the dinner guests dressed up a little nicer to match the sophisticated decor; and I believe the "anonymous" person who totally panned the restaurant in this blog obviously has something else in mind with those comments, which I believe don't pertain to this restaurant at all.