Nov 15, 2005

Government is the Moral Center of the Community?

I attended the annual League of Oregon Cities conference in Eugene over the weekend. It was very informative. I met quite a few nice people. I also won a nifty coffee mug.

After going to a few seminars and listening to endless conversations in the hospitality rooms after the regular day sessions, I discovered how to decipher the meaning of political speech. It goes something like this:

I'm an elected official. The other guy is just a politician.

I am passionate about my cause because it comes from the heart. The other guy is just trying to advance his personal political agenda.

I oppose the other side's position in the spirit of meaningful dissent in the marketplace of ideas. The other guy is engaging in hate speech.

But the best quote of the day came from keynote speaker Bill Grace from Seattle's Center for Ethical Leadership. I'm not making this up. Are you ready? Here it is:

"Government is the moral center of the community".

oooohhkaay........ I did not know that. . .


Rob Kremer said...

Wow, that is so very revealing.

These types really do think government is their diety, don't they?

I am sure that Rex Burkholder, Carl Hosticka and the rest of the Metro planning zealots find nothing wrong in that statement.

Especially when they are in charge of the government!

Daniel said...

Government has helped cause the moral decay of the community.

Troutdale Canfield said...

Well said, daniel.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that wasn't 'sinner' not "center" of the community?