Nov 15, 2005

Metro's Transit Grant Watchdogs

Many apologies to Metro for suggesting they weren't providing oversight for Troutdale TMA grant money.

Since the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce refused to provide the Troutdale City Council with any information regarding their TMA grant, I went directly to the source of the grant, Metro.

Metro's Pam Peck and Metro Councilor Rod Park were happy to provide a copy of Metro's contract with the Chamber. In her Nov. 4 e-mail to me, Peck gave further details regarding the TMA grant:

"Metro reviews invoices submitted by TMAs to ensure that costs are
eligible for federal grant funding per the federal regulations attached
to the contract document, as part of this process the TMA is required to
submit quarterly reports that document their activities.

Troutdale TMA has submitted a report for the first quarter (April 15 to
July 15, 2005) covered by the contract that includes documentation of
their activities during this period. The TMA told me they are working on
their report for the quarter that ended Oct. 15. To date Metro has made
no payments to the TMA as the contract is not fully executed."

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