Jan 23, 2007

State of the *Yawn*ion

Who actually listens to the SOTU speech? I dare you. Admit it. You don't either. You're watching it, but you're not listening.One hour of platitudes, proposed programs, and promises that won't be fulfilled, rhetoric, empty words. The fake smiles and backslaps. I've heard it all before. Bush II. Clinton. Bush I. Reagan. etc. etc. It's not even good political theater.

It's sitting through another boring sermon of the Church of High Politics. You know what they're going to say. You know what the opposition is going to say. You know what David Gregory and O'Reilly are going to say. Snarky and smarmy. Know-it-alls getting it wrong again.

Come on. Admit it. You watched it, and you stopped paying attention after five minutes of Presidential droning. Your mind started wandering. You started thinking about those brownies the Mrs. put in the oven. Your mind meandered through visions containing tomorrow's to-do list, tomorrow morning's meeting, that blog entry you haven't quite finished, the clover you noticed growing in your backyard lawn, the blinking message waiting light on your phone (who called?), SOUND FAMILIAR?

I'm a political junkie. But the SOTU? I'm thinking more STFU.

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