Jun 30, 2005

robertcanfield.com is updated, and some cougar news

I used robertcanfield.com as my campaign website. Amazingly, I hadn't updated it since November. Anyway, I've updated it with some basic information. Nothing fancy, I really just wanted to add a lot of links to this blog.

I got a fax from Troutdale Police Chief Nelson today. The elusive Troutdale cougar has been sighted several times in Sunrise Park.

Chief Nelson says that ODFW basically says shoot the beast, because tranquilizers won't work- you don't know what the cat will do during the 8 minutes it takes for the tranquilizer to work.

I'm rooting for the cougar myself. In Canada, people have a more tolerant attitude toward wild animals in urban areas. They have a live and let live way of thinking about it. Everyone is aware of the potential danger and adjusts their activities accordingly. After all, the animals live here too.


Anonymous said...

I'm very disappointed in your 'links' I find some of them offensive to a good half of our American population. Shouldn't we start trying to join together with our American brothers rather than taking 'sides' like unruly children do? You are not setting a good example as a spokesperson from my city. Your 'over the top' rationalizations are simple-minded and not the discourse an educated person would choose. Shame on you.

Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

Here we go again with being offensive to a good half of our American population.

I take it that your idea of setting a "good example" as a spokesperson from your city includes doing your best to not offend anyone. No thank you.

I can't control whether someone is offended by the things I write. If someone chooses to be offended, that's their choice.

By the way, anonymous- educated people enjoy the discourse of differing opinions. Educated is as educated does. . . .