Aug 30, 2005

Thomas Sowell's new column

Thomas Sowell's new column, Time money and housing, talks about the consequences of restrictive land use laws and too much open space. Although Sowell is writing about conditions in California, the negative effects he discusses apply to Troutdale as well.

(Update: For a good background on Oregon land use planning, NW Republican has recently posted an Oregon land use primer)

For instance, in Troutdale as well as the entire metro area, housing prices have skyrocketed. Young people or families just starting out are finding it more difficult to be able to afford their first home. At the same time, long time residents are profiting handsomely from the ridiculously high home sales prices caused by the urban growth boundary and the obsession with open spaces.

As Sowell points out, "All sorts of lofty talk about "open space" or "saving the green foothills" is used to disguise the fact that those who already have theirs want to keep other people out..."

Of course land use planning isn't as black and white as Sowell makes it, but we need to remain aware of the consequences of restrictive land use planning.


Anonymous said...

I find some of your links offensive to at least half of our American population. I wish our small town politicians would start acting like they wanted to join with their American brothers instead of such idiotic bantering that one finds on these websites you are promoting. Only uneducated idiots who are not well-versed in intelligent discourse would find them even partially noteworthy. It's too bad that you represent Troutdale. Shame on you for spreading this partisan disease. God Bless America - I hope we can withstand the bigotry that you are promoting.

Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

If I'm offensive to at least half of our American population, then I'm on the right track.

When I was on the fence about running for public office, a good friend pointed out that no matter how I voted, no matter what position I took, half of the voters would hate what I did. But only if I stayed true to my own beliefs.

Whoever you are, anonymous poster, your name calling: "idiotic", "uneducated idiots", "bigotry", shows your true leftist colors. You can't argue with the facts so you resort to the politics hate.

Look in the mirror! It is you who is spreading partisan disease, not me.

I welcome opinions that disagree with my own. It's what the marketplace of ideas is all about.

Man up on your next post and identify yourself. Hopefully next time your mommy will let you stay on the computer long enough to fashion some reasonable comments.