Aug 31, 2005

Slow down on Troutdale/Buxton Road!

Monday morning on the way to work, someone in a Jeep Cherokee passed me on the left, in a 25 mph no passing zone, on Buxton Rd. It was too dark to see if a man or woman was driving, but I got the license number to pass on to Troutdale police. I'll bet if the police camp out on Buxton Road at roughly the same time of the morning they can nail the idiot who was in such a hurry.

This kind of reckless driving happens far too often on this street. If you maintain the speed limit of 25mph on Buxton Road, you are in a small minority of drivers.

Troutdale Road, which changes to Buxton Road at Cherry Park, travels through a residential area with plenty of pedestrians and bicycles. There is also a school zone. And yet people drive at speeds if 40-50 mph as if they were on 257th.

Please slow down, folks. If you want to get to I-84 faster, go to 257th where you can boom and zoom to your heart's content on a five lane arterial.

And if you're the driver of that Jeep Cherokee that passed me the other morning in the 25mph no passing zone, I've got your number. Your license number, that is.

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