Sep 1, 2005

Working on excellent customer service in Troutdale

When I ran for Troutdale City Council, one of the things I wanted the city to address was increased customer service. When the City Council sat down for its annual goal setting session earlier this year, I proposed that we add a goal to provide excellent customer service.

The city staff have enthusiastically taken steps to make excellent customer service a priority. City Administrator John Anderson and city managers are currently working on customer service standards which will include citywide employee training on how to provide excellent customer service.

Earlier this spring, the city mailed a survey to Troutdale businesses, asking them to respond to questions on how well the city is providing services. In addition, on June 21 the city held a Business Summit to hear directly from Troutdale business owners and citizens. Click on the links below to see the results of the business survey and follow up answers to the Troutdale Business Summit.

Troutdale business survey results

Troutdale Business Summit follow up results

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