Sep 7, 2005

Congratulations to Color Troutdale Participants

My wife Tana came up with a great idea: a summer coloring contest. I want to extend congratulations to her and to all the participants and winners of Color Troutdale 2005!

What Tana started as SummerFest Color Troutdale 2005 was extended through SummerFest and became a part of Troutdale Paint the Gorge 2005. A reception was held on August 14 at Caswell Gallery showing off all of the participant's drawings.

The participants who turned in their drawings by the deadline have a certificate waiting for them in the Kid's Gallery. Please go and check out all of the wonderful, creative,and absolutely fantastic color drawings.


Grand Prize Winner: Connie Schulmerich

5 Years Old: 1st - Debra Rickman

6 Years Old: 1st - Brittney Caldwell
2nd - Morgan Brown

8 Years Old: 1st - Mckenzie Brown
2nd - Alisha Kovacich
3rd - Jemma Mones
Honorable Mention - Jordan Matthew McCarthy

9 Years Old: 1st - LauraLee Schoenberg
2nd - Jonathan Reinhart
3rd - Miranda Castillo
Honorable Mention - Marissa Flores

10 Years Old: 1st - Madeline Turner
2nd - Kayla Kokorada
3rd - Maddy Dahl
Honorable Mention - Maddy Trattles

18 Years & Older
1st - Christi Brown
2nd - Ambre Potter
3rd - Amber

We are looking forward to the second annual contest next year. Please get ready to use
Crayola Crayons in very new and creative ways.


Tana Canfield said...

Thanks Rob, for recognizing the Color Troutdale participants for 2005. As you know, I also volunteered as Chair of the kids' activities for Troutdale's SummerFest 2005.

I want to acknowledge all of the following people and companies for their generosity, hard work, dedication, time, and energy that gave added specialness to Troutdale's SummerFest 2005:

Burns Feed Store (Gunny Sacks -- races were a grand hit); Rob Canfield (support, encouragement, inspiration, and the great Giant Chicken (Rooster),
Frank and Marie Clow of Bono's Restaurant (great ideas, leads, and food), Sam Davis,
Dee DeMarco (contributions, including lots and lots of great candy, and volunteering); Eric, Summer Intern
Tracy and Kulan Franchs (volunteers); Lonnie Henry of Front Porch Originals (contributions);
General Store and its owners, Terry and Jody Smoke (Jelly Bean Contest);
Grandma Bubbles the Clown (supplies, incredible and awesome balloon animals and things, beautiful face and arm painting, and musical entertainment);
KB Toys (Frisbees); John Leamy and Leamy Printing Company; Michelle Rotenberg (Fish Pond), Safeway Cherry Park Store (Candy);
Connie Schulmerich (volunteer), Dee Dee Swift and her son Connor (volunteers -- Fish Pond),
Judy, owner of Tads' Chicken and Dumplings Restaurant (Chicken Costumes and Candy); and,
Toby of Suburban Ford and Chevrolet in Sandy, Oregon,
as well as the Rose City Corvette Club (Cars -- gorgeous cars) (Rob and I thoroughly enjoyed our rides along the parade route).

With a sincere and grateful heart, thank you again everyone for a wonderful and delightful experience.

Tana Canfield

Anonymous said...

Oh my god...... I just googled my name... and I found this! I am Alisha Kovacich and I won 2nd place in the troutdale drawing contest. I was 8 when I had done that with my class in 3rd grade! I am now 12 im the 7th grade still living in troutdale. All I have to say is WOW