Apr 26, 2006

Diane Linn: Revulsion And Disgust

Read the Willamette Week story linked below.
Lyng for Linn?:
"A former senior adviser to the county chair says Diane Linn told her to falsify public records and run personal errands on county time. A former Linn chief of staff confirms the account."
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Pay particular attention to Diane Linn's response:

"Linn disputed Bridges' charges and said, "The timing of this stinks like yesterday's diapers. If there was ever an issue about this, why didn't she bring it to the forefront earlier?"

SHE DOESN'T EVEN DENY that the falsification of public records actually occurred. You know when someone is out of control when they believe the out of control behavior is normal.

I agree with Chuck Currie. Diane Linn Should resign immediately.

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