Apr 3, 2006

Ted Wheeler for County Chair

I've decided to support Ted Wheeler for Multnomah County Chair. He should provide more accountability for Multnomah County finances and services than his opponent, Diane Linn.

Granted, Wheeler is running on quite the progressive platform. It's too bad someone with a more conservative pedigree isn't running for County Chair.

However, Wheeler has already spent more time out in Troutdale talking with our citizens within the past few months than Diane Linn has in the last few years. It's an encouraging sign. Until Linn realized she was in election trouble last year, she ignored Troutdale and East Multnomah County.

I am also sick and tired of Diane Linn.

Violating the public's trust, not to mention open meetings laws with her illegal gay marriage fiasco.

Double-paying county employees for SHOWING UP to work on a snow day.

The still-closed Wapato jail.

Her junior high school non-relationship with her fellow County Commissioners.

Using taxpayer dollars to circulate newsletters that bad-mouth her fellow County Commissioners. "Mean girls", indeed.

Any doubts about Linn's worn out welcome were erased with her "Budget people are so exacting and so precise in their characterization of money" quote when she attempted to play fast and loose with Oregon budget laws.

Troutdale voters, remember this: At least Wheeler is out here in Troutdale talking and listening. When's the last time you've seen Diane Linn?

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