Sep 18, 2006

Metro Worshippers Want Skyscrapers In Every Town

Metro worshippers at Portland Transport think it would be just dandy to have 14+ story high rises in places like Troutdale, Lake Oswego, Vancouver, Gresham, you name it. All in the name of "transit oriented development".

Click on the link below for a picture of the Town Center(such as Troutdale) "ideal" according to the Metro worshippers. The only thing they're concerned about is how to get rid of our "psychological barrier here to this type of density".
Portland Transport: Where You Put the Cars Helps

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Max said...

Interesting. Particularly as they haven't built light rail out to your stop. I imagine that'll be coming, though.

Oregon Loves Dreamers. METRO Loves "Planners". Oddly, all that "planning" ever seems to result in is more trains, and more gridlock.

Their high-paid "planners' have never quite figured out that you need to move freight, and that you don't do that on a bus or a train.

John Eyler said...

I must contend that developments such as these are "rotten" if you are trying to raise kids. Where is a kid going to play? Only a non-parent would find this type of living situation ideal. And why would people want to live in a way so disconnected from nature? Certainly that can't be healthy. Density is not the answer, distribution is.