Nov 6, 2006

PDX's 100 Foot High Density Truthiness

Over at Jack Bog's Blog, take a gander at "Let's Wreck Irvington Next". It's a story about the usual new urbanist proposal for six-story tall condos smack in the middle of an established neighborhood of single family homes.

Scroll down through the comments-One new urbanist apologist claims that "Current neighborhood residents might even find that new buildings bring benefits". Troutdale residents might remember this same bit of truthiness from developers who proposed a 70-100 foot high condo monolith smack in the middle of downtown Troutdale about this time last year.


Jack Bog said...

Now now, I'm sure the condo they're planning for Irvington won't be higher than 65 feet...

Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

Could be. I'm guessing that a six story condo building could be anywhere from 60-110 feet, depending on added features such as garages, vaulted ceilings, architectural features, facilities requirements such as elevators.

Still, even at 65 feet that's pretty tall anywhere in Irvington. They already ruined Beaumont Village with these monsters.