Dec 31, 2006

Mets, Ducks, Broncos, Knicks New Year Wishes

These are a few of my favorite teams..... and now, my 2007 wishes for each:

For the New York Mets- a real pitcher. (And a road game up in Seattle wouldn't hurt).

For the Oregon Ducks football team- a new athletic director named Bellotti, and a new coach NOT named Bellotti. Oh yeah, lose the nancy boy yellow uniforms and the Playstations in the locker room. And get a pair. If you have to ask "A pair of what?", I rest my case.

For the Denver Broncos- the ability to score on at least ONE out of three tries inside the 49er 5 yard line. Gaaaahhh!!!!! Enjoy watching the playoffs on TV, boys.

For the New York Knicks- a 40 game losing streak so there won't be any question of firing Isiah Thomas, who has already ruined the Indiana Pacers, the Continental Basketball League, and now my beloved Knickerbockers.

Happy New Year, One and All!

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