Dec 30, 2006

Where's Baby Jesus? Follow The IM Starlight. . .

I've been enjoying a holiday break from blogging. I didn't plan it. My hard drive crash a few weeks ago gave me a forced break from all things online, and I got out of the blogging groove. But us Christmas junkies had more fun away from the computer, what with all the family fun, food, chocolate, presents, ho ho ho!

The wind has been blowing (what else is new in Troutdale). We had a friend over for dinner the other night. She forgot about the gale force "mild breezes" out here. On her way to her car at evening's end, the wind picked up her Christmas gifts right out of her arms. Off the gifts went on a sprint down the street. We got them all, but not after some serious chasing.

I have to admit I've watched some daytime television this week. Like "The View". Pee-Yoo. If that's what goes for daytime TV, give me Jerry Springer any day. At least Springer doesn't pretend to be anything but crass entertainment.

Perry Mason has been a lunch favorite of mine for years. My mom, the original "Gramma Bubbles", used to watch every day and call me to tell which episode was on. One of my favorites was the bad guy yesterday-- Leonard Nimoy!

The Mrs. and I enjoyed the annual family fun on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve, after several years of falling asleep and missing it, we finally made the 11pm Xmas eve. service at East Hill Church.

The lights were dimmed to near blackness, the choir was fantastic, we all sang Christmas carols with gusto, and the only artificial illumination came from teens with cell phones screens ablaze, text messaging as if their afterlife depended on it. Little stars of Nokia to light the way for the three wise men, I guess. What would Jesus download? Elvis' "Blue Christmas" ringtones, that's what he'd download.

I read a survey the other day that said 38% of teenage girls wouldn't know what to do with themselves without text messaging. They obviously can't even spend an hour with their family at church without text messaging. What does this say about today's society? IM me if you have a clue.

But read on, oh blog reader: The funniest "carol" of the service was toward the end, during a quiet pause between songs. Out of nowhere....frrrggghhhhhhhhhgthththththththttht. From silence to jake-brakin' fartin' for one poor soul.....priceless.

A joyful noise unto the Lord, who does indeed have a sense of humor.

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