Jan 18, 2007

I Didn't know the snow was loaded, and it went off. . .

It was an accident. Really! The Mrs. and I went for a walk at Troutdale's Sunrise Park during Tuesday's snowfall. It was great. Kids sledding and innertubing down the hill. Folks playing with their dogs. Quiet snowfall. It was all great until we we walked back to the car. Six feet from the car, I find myself flat on my side, nose to nose with my wrist. Yup. Slip and fall, just like that. Fortunately, it's only a sprain. Ice, ibuprofen, ace bandage, etc etc. Thank goodness it's the right wrist...I'm left handed.

Funny..last time I sprained my wrist was in 9th grade on Halloween night.. I fell off a fence..(don't ask.)

Nothing new on the Troutdale City Council front.. we even called off next week's meeting due to lack of agenda items.

Well, I 'm discovering it isn't much fun to type with one hand. So. . . I'll call this blog entry good and sign off. . .

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