Jul 22, 2007

Another Troutdale: THE Troutdale

"The Troutdale" is a Five-Star restaurant in Bristol, Tennessee, "Situated in a completely restored, elegant 1850 Victorian house, the Troutdale offers a unique dining experience. The house itself is rich in history, having been built by the Vance family of Bristol, lost during the Civil War, and later returned to the family."

To see what's happening at The Troutdale, click here to read their most recent newsletter.

Here's Saturday's menu at The Troutdale:


White Asparagus topped with Serano ham, Mahon cheese, Cherry Tomatoes and Nectarines; then drizzled with reduced Sherry Gastriq

Stuffed Shrimp Meditteranean served over Capellini Provencal

Ben's Berries
Peaches and Cream

I think I'd like to visit this "other" Troutdale, wouldn't you? If you're headed to Tennessee in the near future, their reservation number is (423)-968-9099

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