Jul 22, 2007

Drinking Games At Church

Hi Bob! Those words from the Bob Newhart Show inspired a popular college drinking game in the 70's. If someone on the show said, "Hi Bob!", each player had to guzzle down their drink.

The Mrs. and I have been playing a similar drinking game at our church for the last few months. We attend "The Cafe" venue at East Hill Church. At the Cafe Service, we enjoy a smaller, more informal setting, along with fresh coffee and live acoustic worship.

One pastor, Jason Albelo, frequently uses the term "help the boy" in his sermons. One Sunday, he said "help the boy" so often that I couldn't help but think of the Bob Newhart Show's frequent "Hi Bob" and the drinking game. So I leaned over to the Mrs. and said, "Next time he says help the boy, let's chug our coffees." Pastor Jason said it, we chugged our coffee, and had a good chuckle.

That was a few months ago, we've continued with the game, and it makes church a little more fun. (Not that going to church ISN'T fun, but, you know. . .) So help the boy out. Chug whatever you're drinking after you've read this.

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