Jul 13, 2007

Elected Official's Winter Wish Comes True!

Remember last winter, when it was cold and snowy and icy? Boy, I do. I remember specifically wishing would it PLEEZ be summer already, for crying out loud, as I lay on the snowy street after I slipped and sprained my wrist in January.

So you're thinking to yourself. What does a stupid wish have to do with Troutdale politics? It supports the statement, "Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.". I'm so thrilled with proof that this wishing stuff really works, that my next wish is NOT for world peace (I think the beauty pageant people have a lock on that one), but for my fellow Troutdale city councilors to agree wholeheartedly with everything I propose for the rest of the year.

Here's my wish list. Let's get rid of all A-2 and R-4 zoning, replacing it with minimum R-5. Let's get the urban renewal project finished. Let's start some neighborhood associations. Let's stop paying unnecessary legal fees of $300k to developers. Let's have our city council meetings end at 10pm instead of midnight or 1am. Let's pressure ODOT to fix the Frontage Road/ I-84 Troutdale exit vortex of pain. Let's urge Multnomah County to put their new library at the old Thriftway store on Stark, and not in downtown Troutdale. Let's make sure we solve the loose trash problem before winter winds kick in.

And finally, let's make sure that trams made from recycled 737 fuselages never see the light of day Troutdale.

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